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  • Hi Looked at putting this in can anybody let me know if there is any gotcha's on this? I have EV already installed on OCS 2007 but want to upgrade to R2 for this feature


    Wednesday, May 6, 2009 3:36 AM

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  • Tim,

    Dial in Conferencing is a quick and easy add in if you have all of your voice policies already on and working.  You will need to deploy a CWA server to allow your folks to setup pin's and allow annonymous users to join the conference from a web browser.   The migration from R1 to R2 isn't to tricky either but you have to do side by side.  Here are a few good links for you:

    Dial in:

    R1 to R2:

    Hope this helps!

    Wednesday, May 6, 2009 11:43 AM
  • The thing to watch out for is the number of lines you have coming into the system. So lets say you have a t-1 for your office. And you setup the dial in conferencing, someone gets ambitious and send out an invite for the conference bridge and invites 30 people. Then you will have some that can not get on and their is no message to tell them what the problem is. Also you will tie up all the lines for your office.

    it is a good idea to put in some type of limit on the number of lines that can be taken up by the conference number however this has to be done at the pbx or gateway and not all of them are capable of doing this.

    Other wise the dial in conference rocks.

    Hope that helps.
    Wednesday, May 6, 2009 12:16 PM
  • You can also use OCS to set the limit on how many people can join a conference. Under global settings at the forest level you will see meeting policies.

    Wednesday, May 6, 2009 1:58 PM
  • I am going to need the Web Conferencing server installed as well

    So I would need a SE, Mediation, GW and a CWA server. THis is only for internal users though

    Thursday, May 7, 2009 1:16 AM
  • The Web Conferencing role is part of a Standard Edition Front-End server (or consolidated Enterprise Edition FE). So you'll only need three servers as you specificed, SE, Mediation, and CWA.
    Jeff Schertz, PointBridge | MVP | MCITP: Enterprise Messaging | MCTS: OCS
    Thursday, May 7, 2009 12:23 PM
  • Tim,

    If you are only planning to use this internally, and don't mind users having to connect via VPN the edge is not needed.   You can colocate most of the roles you need right onto your standard edition front end (as long as it is powerful enough).  You will still need a mediation server, and a CWA but that should be it.  A VoIP gateway is required if you want connectivity from the PSTN to your environment, or from an existing PBX to your audio conferencing.  How many users are you looking at deploying too.  Here's a link on role colocation (still says beta, so an update may be out there).


    Thursday, May 7, 2009 12:24 PM
  • This is correct but it does not limit the incoming calls as a total. So if you have 10 users allowed for each meeting and have 10 meetings that is 100 users. If 5 people in each meeting use the dialing conferencing piece you have 50 users dialing in. If you only have a single T-1 you may have a problem.
    Sunday, May 10, 2009 2:24 AM
  • Where is the tool to administer this function?

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009 12:45 AM
  • Tim,

    To set the global connection limitations you would right click your forest and go to Global Settings>Meetings Tab> and edit the meeting policy.  You can also set this on a per user basis.

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009 1:09 AM