Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Grand Final Tonight RRS feed

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  • The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 may well be in calamity, but on in Baku, Azerbaijan, the locals aren't anxious. Mainly, for the reason that the terrain isn't in the European Union (nestled as it is sandwiched between Iran and the Caspian Sea) but besides, for the reason that it's the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Final tonight.

    If there's single gadget guaranteed to kind you put behind you your troubles, it's scantily clad continentals with bizarre mustache and a misplaced perceive of merit warbling their way through a song whose lyrics are a lightly roundabout reference to a civil war with the aim of ended 15 years before.

    And if there's single gadget to kind you put behind you you've had to sit through three hours of the beyond, it's a high-quality old-fashioned game of bingo - something with the aim of is completely individual from a drinking game. So, sit back, theatrical production a a small number of rounds of Baku Bingo and get pleasure from the spectacle. Let us know if you kind it barred alive.

    Saturday, May 26, 2012 4:55 PM