MiFare Card Reader into Web Application Form RRS feed

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  • I have a web application where I would like the card reader to scan our school's student ID cards and come out with their ID number. Our original system for managing this with the relevant card readers already has it preset to work, however, now I am trying to use the card reader for web browser forms.
    I have coded my pages using Classic ASP and have the data linked to a Microsoft Access Database. The card reader I am using is linked to a program application called Campus Online which manages our student ID cards and data. I am using an ACR122U card reader which works perfectly with our Campus Database.
    Simply put, I want to be able to first open the homepage where the scan would need to take place. Scan the student ID card with the card reader in which the desired data (Student ID) will appear in the form field and submit. I've been searching for a couple of days now for a solution but there doesn't seem to be any clear answers to this. 
    If there is any reference of code, online services that are available to do this or a method on how to integrate the ACR122U card reader with web pages, that would be best.
    Thanks for the assistance.
    Wednesday, February 19, 2014 6:43 AM