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  • Hello. My question is regarding NTFS File System and the number of files it supports. 
    Given: The maximum number of files allowed in any NTFS directory is (2^32)-1 (4,294,967,295). 
    I have heard that to maintain quick search file indexing on that directory, the number of files in any one directory should not exceed (2^16)-1 (65,535). When the number of files in the directory is larger, the index is dropped increasing search time.
    I have simulated this, and found a DRAMATIC difference between searching a directory with less than 65534 files and more than 65540 files.
    Thus a directory with 65534 files is search indexed. 
    Add four+ more files, it drops the index, and starts searching: 
    Is file 1 wanted, no. Is file 2 wanted, no. 
    ... Is file 37893 wanted, no. Is file 37894 wanted, yes. Open it. etc.
    Also does Windows 10 (PRO or IoT) change anything in regards to file indexing?
    Looking for weblinks to prove / disprove this theory.

    Thank you in advance for any information regarding file indexing limitaions.
     ~ Tom.Woodside.stuff@gmail.com
    Friday, October 4, 2019 5:11 PM