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  • HI everybody,

    I recently start the study of the Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET (MSF for ADO.NET). I understand basically all the synchronization process but I have some questions about the transactions and transactions groups. Our intention is synchronize data between one backend server and many mobile clients. For this purpose, we are thinking to use an N-Tier model with one web or wcf service in the middle. In this scenario, we have the next questions:

    ·         How the MSF for ADO.NET manage the transactions? It uses one transaction for each SyncGroup definite for the SyncAgent?


    In the N-Tier model, the SyncAgent first call the ApplyChanges method in the server side to upload the data from the client to the server, then retrieve the changes form the server using the GetChanges method and apply it to the client.

    ·         The MSF for ADO.NET make the changes for the server and the client in a singles transaction?

    ·         Is it is possible, how makes these manage, because in the example for each web method call one new DbServerSyncProvider is created. If I want to support this scenario, I need to store the DbServerSyncProvider or the connection to the database in the sever side and use it in all the sync process (ApplyChanges and GetChanges methods call) ? And if something goes wrong make the roll back for all?

    I hope that someone can give me some information to help me to understand this topic. I try to search in the internet, but the information for this topic is very limited.

    Thank you very much!!!!

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