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  • Hello, I currently have two Windows 7 PCs, device A is using Outlook 2010 to handle my RSS feeds and device B is using Windows live mail to handle my RSS feeds.


    However although I have a blue folder with the live mesh RSS feeds showing on device B desktop with the correct RSS feeds showing I cannot get these feeds from this folder to show up in Windows live mail?


    First obvious problem is I cannot see a import export Wizard in Windows live mail, but there was one clearly accessible in Outlook 2010 in the "files, open" menu?


    Any help appreciated as I been wrestling with this for over 24 hours and on my googling has proved productive.

    Some background I initially got excited about Live mesh being the solution to my RSS feeds synchronisation after reading these two articles:

    "Take your favorites and RSS feeds with you using Mesh" http://www.redmondpie.com/take-your-favorites-and-rss-feeds-with-you-using-mesh/

    "Essential How-to’s Windows Live Mail 2. Setting up your RSS feeds."


    however in the Step 6 of the "Take your favorites and RSS feeds with you using Mesh" I cannot locate the "blue colored(faded) shortcut for your feeds folder.", so as to change the synchronisation settings for the folder to point to the device A?

    it also turns out that these live mesh folders, "feeds and favourites", are residing on my desktop device B, which I suspect is the wrong location?


    Shouldn't I have a live mesh folder in the location "C:\Users\[Username]\Live Mesh Folders\ in deviceB" as specified in the above article?


    Anyway as you can tell I'm getting quite confused so any help is much appreciated, thank you.

    Saturday, June 5, 2010 3:21 PM


  • You need to "unmesh" the folder as you accepted the default location of the desktop on the second PC.

    Go to www.mesh.com and sign in. Change the properties to not sync with the 2nd PC. The desktop folder will turn into a normal Windows Explorer yellow folder. Delete it, if desired.

    Now, change the properties for the source folder once again to sync with that PC. When the shortcut appears on the desktop, click it and click browse, then navigate to the existing feeds folder for that PC to "merge" the contents.

    Note that some people report not being given the option to change the location and that the desktop folder immediately becomes a dark blue Mesh folder. if that happens, repeat the above as you need it to be a shortcut to change the destination location. 

    Double clicking when it is faded light blue folder, brings you to a windows titled:

    Synchronize folder

    The text at the top of the window says "Synchronize folder with this computer."

    The name cannot be changed/

    The location is the path to your desktop folder.

    Next to this is browse.

    At the bottom of the Window is OK and Cancel.

    OK accepts the default offered location - your desktop.

    If you click OK, it will become a darker blue folder (still light blue) and it is now fixed to your desktop.

    If you click Browse, you can navigate to a folder of your choosing.

    Once you have reached that folder, click OK and accept the warning about merging with an existing folder and potential for conflicts.

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    Monday, June 7, 2010 12:42 PM