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    I have a small problem, or should say big, because if've been googlin it for past 6hours.

    I want to use one software GFI Languard which scans the entire network of the computers in a domain to see the list of software that we have in company, but I have problems to connect to several computers.

    I'm using a domain administrator password and some computers are able to show me the results, but others don't. The error that appears is, that they have problem connecting to the REMOTE REGISTRY, but what is strange, that all of them have this service (remote registery) started automatic.

    Uncle Google said, that users must have in registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurePipeServers\Winreg set permissions right -> Administrators full control, and Local service read control.

    I have checked it, and the computer that shows me the result has the same settings as the computer that saids he can't connect to remote registry.

    Also I found out if log on to the computer that doesn't want to connect to remote registry, and if I go under CONTROL PANEL --> user accounts, and ADD there a domain administrator DOMAIN\Administor to be a local administrator, suddenly it shows me the results with GFI Languard. But I would need a different solutions, because I can't log in on every computer (we have more then 200 computers) and add this domain administrator to be local administrator. I thought that domain administrator is "a king" and that he is able to do anything on all the computers in the same domain. Soo please help me, how to solve and determine why some computers allow to connect to remote registry and others don't, but they have both this service on.


    Thank u



    bostjan - halcom d.d.
    Monday, January 26, 2009 10:46 PM