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  • Hi,

    I am trying to establish a set of folders that I can sync from either my desktop - XP (XP Home) or the laptop Win 7 (Home Premium)

    I have established shares on both computers and on win 7 given 'Everybody' access and 'Guest' just for good measure.  

    Using Synctoy 2.1

    The folder pair on win 7 goes from local to XP ie Left = C:\.......   and Right = \\OFFICE8\Off8Sync which is the name of the share I set up.  This works fine (except for a strange error I will post separately)

    The folder pair on XP cannot be setup this way.  Left = D:\........SharedAndSynced Right=\\JCLAPTOP\JClap_Shared_n_synced.

    I managed to set this up whilst I had a temporary drive mapped to win 7 using a real admin login.  If I have this then the browse box shows the shares in JCLAPTOP.   Without the drive mapping XP cannot seem to see the Win 7 shares. So the next time I try and sync the pair it gives '... could not locate folder \\JCLAPTOP\JClap_Shared_n_synced

    If my reading is correct it is trying to logon using OFFICE8/jc  which, no supprise, Win 7 doesn't like.

    How can I supply logon credentials to SyncToy ?

    How can I convince it to use the Win 7  Guest Account ?




    Friday, March 19, 2010 4:33 AM


  • workaround found...

    I have concluded

    * Win 7 cannot infact be connected to without a user and password no matter what the dialogs say or how the registry is fiddled.

    * XP is a worse pig as it really doesn't like supplying user-id / passwords and if you give it one it reuses it when it shouldn't. It drops or vanishes mapped drives randomly and what you see in Windows Explorer (re mapped network folders) may or may not be accurate.

    * synctoy is really a toy it has no provision to supply credentials, no provision for pre-amble / post-amble commands of any kind; but hey the price is right.

    So the workaround is to

    * create a specific user on win7 with appropriate rights to the folders I am trying to sync only.

    * have a batch file on XP box that maps a drive along with the user /password. And another to drop the share maybe.  

    * Have to remember to use this prior to any sync attempt - then sync as needed.


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