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    Hey fellas,

    I need help with my windows XP Pro SP2 on my T61 laptop. So here is the thing my computer can view shared files from the network and can access C$ of other computers on the same network however when other computers tried to access my computer C$ or other shared folder they only get something like "network path not available". Then I was able to find the problem, it is because of my windows firewall and File and printer sharing for Microsoft clients are not configured so what I did is I disable my windows firewall and enable the file and printer sharing for my network adapter then everything is working fine. Later on after I reboot my laptop the issue came back and the configuration I did for the firewall and file and printer sharing were both reverted back to it's original setting where firewall is enable and file and printer sharing is disable. Does any have here knows how to handle this kind of issue because I'm losing my mind over this one. I did some troubleshooting as enumerated below:

    1. Removed File and printer sharing and client for microsoft services on my adapter then uninstall my NIC then reboot my laptop. After rebooting reinstall everything back but to no avail.
    2. I was thinking it was some kind of virus or spyware run Symantec client full scan and search and destroy anti-spyware but also didn't help at all.
    3. Rerun virus and anti-spyware scan on safe mode but issue still exist.
    4. installed SP3 hoping is has some fix for this but still no luck.

    thank you in advance,



    Thursday, June 5, 2008 7:18 AM