Can't Type in User Field When Assigning a Case RRS feed

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  • I just updated to RU14.  When you assign a case and select the radio button to assign it to another user, you are not able to type in the user field - you HAVE to use the lookup button.  Every other entity that I tested (some custom ones, accounts, orders, activities, contact, opportunities, etc) I am able to click on the radio button to assign to another user and then type the person's name in the field, hit tab, the system resolves the user, and then click OK to assign it to that user.

    I noticed that the Case assign calls a different aspx page then the other entities do.

    The case calls (on the form or view - the assign calls the same aspx page):


    Other entities that I checked seem to call one of these two aspx pages depending on where I'm assigning from (the form or the view):


    I gave my users a work around - when they have the case open they can type the name in the Owner field however, this only works when they have the case open - if they are on the cases view, they have to use the lookup when assigning.

    We have a pretty large group of people handling cases in a helpdesk setting.  It might not seem like much, but having to click the lookup button every time they have to assign a case is going to add up to a substantial amount of "wasted" time.

    Additional Note:  I noticed that on the Queue Item form, there is an Assign button that calls the same aspx as the case and performs the same way - I am not able to type in the name field after selecting the radio button to assign to another user.

    Christina Bayley | CRM Administrator

    Thursday, September 26, 2013 9:14 PM