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    We have situation where we need to synchronize millions of records. We found that the Sync Framework takes quite a long time (days!) to complete this process. To overcome this we devised a way where a service on the server side will export the data using BCP to table specific files. The client will download these files and will import the data on the client side using BCP. We are interested in one way sync from the Server to the client.

    We were using Sync Framework 2.0 and since it could not handle table Schema changes we implemented custom logic to manage schema changes. We would typically drop the table on the client and import the data again using BCP. So far so good. We Recently migrated to MS Sync Framework 2.0, thanks to a issue and its resolution provided by June T (http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/syncdevdiscussions/thread/00b5fb80-ee43-4a94-b401-76408187d22d?prof=required ). However we have retained the custom logic to manage schema changes

    .We have run into a new issue now. I would try to explain the scenario as best as I can.

    At some point the data gets exported to a set of files on the server side. The client downloads and imports the data using BCP at some interval. After successfully importing the data, we are faking the synchronization by clearing the dataset object of type DbSyncContext. We clear this because the data is already imported and we do not want the Sync Framework to start downlaoding the entire data again..

    During this interval there are DML operations on the server data. When the sync process runs next time, it does not pick up the modified/added/deleted rows till that point in time since we faked the previous sync. However in the subsequent synchronizations, newer changes/additions/deletes are synched and not the ones that were missed in the previous step.


    Wednesday, September 15, 2010 3:53 PM

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