Why Microsoft and other American Companies have removed canada from the Language tree RRS feed

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  •  Canada is an independant country from the United States and the largest trade partner at just over four billion dollars per day. SO I can't help wondering why in god's green Earth would your country want to Make enemies of the Canadian People?

    US english is a non english but rather a subtext of Proper english from which all forms of english Including US as well as Canadian English All derive from.

    You insult us by removing not only our country from the languages spoken, but our flag is gone from the List of flags for the countries from which all are found whom the US does Business with. And yet you remove our language which is in fact older than what US english comes from, and we have a unique way of spelling found in our country which the people fought along side you in two world wars and in ever case have stood beside your armed forces. Now we can't even choose our flag to list as a place from whence we come but we have been further insulted to the point where if I go to search for my own language to use on my system which we buy from you to make use of in our country you just assume that we wouldn't mind the fact that you removed it? Myself I have been lobbying against your being able to sell us anything further unless you replace our language and our flag and demonstrate the fact that you made a grievous error when you removed it from your system package, Or keep your programming within the boundaries of Your country and we will develop our own systems which you were in the past allowed to purchase, but would no longer have that ability. How arrogant a country to just remove the one country that supports you and think no one would mind that you were trying to make a One country out of North America. But that gentlemen will never happen as long as we have our rights.

    All I have the ability to do with your programing is to choose where I live, but when I go to use my own language you don't even have it listed while you do have your worst enemies languages posted everywhere so that people can speak back and forth and sell your secrets from you. Give us our country back and our language. There  never was any language called american, only english and we got the status by having our jki9xed language or dual citizenship where you have it but you don't allow it to govern your policies.,

    Friday, February 3, 2017 4:11 AM