Lost WHS Connector and can't re-install RRS feed

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  • The morning of Nov 27th the green-WHS Connector icon on the taskbar turned gray on my two XP Pro workstations, indicating “not connected”.  I still have access to the WHS shared folders and the server remote desktop from both workstations.  Backups are of course not happening.


    I’ve changed nothing, no new software, no new hardware.  WHS’s Control Panel Add or Remove Software utility indicated the most recent update was Nov 13, a security update.  No reference to anything that resembles the “Nov” update I’m reading about here on the forum.


    I attempted to reinstall the Connector from the server's shared folders.  The first attempt it first un-installed the existing Connector, then proceeded to begin the reinstall, failing on the “Configuring computer backup” phase.  I tried on both workstations, same result.


    Any ideas?

    Friday, November 28, 2008 8:25 PM


  • The symptoms you describe indicate a failed update.

    Please open explorer on your client and go to c:\program fils\windows home server. Look for a directory called update.Should it exist, run setup.exe from this directory.

    When this directory is missing, use Remote Desktop to connect to your server. Open c:\whs and run ConnectorInstallAssistant. Now you should find the updated version in \\Server\Software\Home Server Connector Software. Use this to update your clients.


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    Friday, November 28, 2008 8:33 PM