How do I get my windows installer back? RRS feed

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  • 2 months ago I was playing counter strike Zero condition on steam at 2:45 around 5:02 and quit the game. Then the thing shows up on my screen showing free games from a Steam admin so I accept and I clicked it (but it wasn't a Steam admin who was doing it). Then in 9 minutes, Steam shuts down on me. I signed back in, look into my privacy and my account was unprotected; my phone vibrated on my desk, i checked it and my e'mail was change to starfire08. I quickly logged back into my account by my original e'mail but I couldn't get back in so I used the same e'mail what the hijacker has give me and logged in and I rename it back to what it is before.

    On july 04 I called my friend Trex if he could fix my computer, he told me he couldn't because he can't trust it. But what he ask me to do is give him my informations so he'll change it and he did and tell me what is it and tells me not to sign back any of my informations into my computer again. He told me to format it but I can't because my mom's stuff will be permanently removed. But it did once I logged back into her account. Tonight, I went into panel control and clicked on add or remove program then scroll down and deleted Steam. 2 seconds ago the error popped out saying "the windows installer services could not be access" what do you mean it could not be access? i did it on the administrator and its still not making me uninstall it. When i tried installing skype, same thing happens. I couldn't install or uninstall anything at all. 

    I've been through each guides and none of them work, the last guide i've been to turn on back my automatic updates was bad. I did everything what it says. But once I restarted my computer and sign back in, everything went laggy. So i clicked start>control panel and securities. Its on, but still couldn't fix the windows installer.

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013 11:38 PM