What is the best way to maintain server generated columns during synchronization RRS feed

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    We are using ado.net sync service to sync a few tables. Ours is a occasionally connected application which has SQL CE as the client database and oracle as the server database. Let assume we have a customer table with customerid as the primary key and address table with addressid as the primary key and customerid as the foreign key.

    The application can be taken offline and lets assume salesperson 1 can create a customer and his/her address. Now salesperson2 can create another customer and his/her address. Now when salesperson2 has synced his data with the server db, and salesperson1 tries to sync his data we get a primary key collison. So whats the best way to manage this primary key collison in a occasionally connected application using ADO.NET Sync provider.
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    Monday, February 8, 2010 11:23 AM