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    I have a question regarding how to maitain our projects...the organization where i work develop software Products...and they keep on updating their Products through launching different versions...The scenario is that for a specific software product which we update after every 45 days and launch a new versions of this software..In this new version, either their are solutions to the bugs in the pervious versions or their can be some fuctional updates. I need to know the best pratices for maintaing this type of project. Should i create a main Project and for every version i create a sub project? Or should i create a new project for every version...please suggest me a solutuion considering the following:

    1) We want to know about the details of every version i.e. the starting date, number of changes and etc.

    2) Resources alotted to every version(because there is a possiblity that resource of one version will be different from other).

    3) Cost spend on every version.

    4) comparison of two versions in terms of cost or number of chanes or etc...

    5) Also if can pull a colective report of all versions.

    I need guidance please.



    _________________________________________________________ Fahad Khan
    Monday, April 25, 2011 7:10 AM