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  • I have data patitions on 2 computers that I want to synchronize. As a start point the 2nd partition was created by copying the first one using a partition management program, it was then physically moved to the other computer, so I believe the contents is identical in all respects. When I preview SyncToy between sets of folders in these partitions, it wants to delete and replace everything in the LH partition. As the folders appear to be (as expected) identical in every respect I am at a loss as to why it wants to do this! Can you give me any clues as to what might be triggering SyncToy into thinking it needs to delete and re-create everything, even though it should be identical? It must be some subtly as the dates etc. all appear identical (again, as expected). Thank you for any wisdom on this.

    Subsequently, I have 'got around' the problem rather than actually solving it. I have deleted the folder pairs that were not working correctly and replaced them with apparently identical pairs - these behave correctly. There were several folder pairs, some were OK originally - the ones that failed had larger folder structures and larger numbers of files; this seems to correlate with other people's experiences.
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