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  • This is .bat folder locker, which cant be hacked. You can download the locker or just enter the code below in .txt and save it as Locker.bat.

    @echo off
    title Folder Locker v2.2
    echo FOLDER LOCKER! Updated by Daniil Shatilov!
    echo Enter the name of folder to lock/unlock it!
    set /p folder=Name:
    echo Lock or unlock? (l\u)
    set /p lockun=
    if %lockun% == l goto lock
    if %lockun% == u goto unlock
    echo L or u.
    goto ln

    IF EXIST "%folder%"\pass.lock goto lockno
    echo Lock the folder? (y\n)
    set /p folderlock=?:
    if %folderlock% == y goto lockok
    if %folderlock% == n goto menu
    echo Y or n.
    goto lockyesno

    md "%folder%"
    echo Place files in folder now.
    start "%folder%"
    echo Enter password for folder!
    set /p passlock=Password:

    ECHO %passlock% >> "%folder%"\pass.lock
    echo Password successfully entered.
    attrib +h +s "%folder%"
    echo Folder Locked! 
    goto menu

    IF NOT EXIST "%folder%" goto notexist
    echo Unlock the folder with password, please!
    set /p passreal=<"%folder%"\pass.lock
    set /p passunlock=Password: 
    IF %passunlock% == %passreal% goto unlocking
    echo Wrong password!
    goto passunlock

    attrib -h -s "%folder%"
    echo Folder unlocked! 
    goto menu

    echo Folder doesn't exist. 
    goto lock

    echo Folder already locked!
    goto unlock

    Really cool. Idea by sai_B_995c29. Updated by me.

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    Sunday, March 16, 2014 3:01 PM

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