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  • Hi,


    Hope can get some help from you guys here.


    We have implemeted the Peer to Peer sync between MS SQL SERVE 2005 to SQL SERVER 2005 express under windows and the solution works successfully. Thanks for the greate work of Sync Framework.


    However, the client now wants us to do the same on Linux machine so that MySQL database on client side can sync with the MS SQL SERVE 2005 on the server.


    The SQL SERVER database has been configured using the decoupled tracking structure alreday and we don't want to change anythign on that at all. The linux sync solution needs to co-exist with the implemented sync framework solution.


    My question is is there any design spec that describes what is actually happening in the sync framework when the peer to peer sync is running? So that I can try to re-implement thoese operation in another programming language which can run under linxu and transfer data between MS SQL SERVE 2005 and MySQL?



    Monday, October 6, 2008 8:28 AM


  • Hi Gengyu,


    The first thing that I should point out is that we do not currently have the Sync Framework runtime on Linux which means that for right now you could do this as long as you would be willing to launch the sync from a Windows machine (that of course has connectivity to the SQL Server and MySQL databases). 


    Also, is it just sync between MySQL and SQL Server or is it really P2P in that you will be going between 3 or more databases (e.g., MySQL <-> SQL Server  <->  SQL Server).  If it is just between the two you might want to consider taking a look at the Sync Services for ADO.NET (SQL Express Sample) located here:



    Using this sample you could use MySQL as the consolidated database and SQL Server as the client database.  Keeping in mind that we have not actually tried this with MySQL, but I see no reason why it should not work. 


    Alternatively, using Sync Framework you would need to create your own MySQL provider to link to SQL Server.  There are a couple of good Sync101 samples that show you how to do this here:



    I hope that helps as a starting point.




    Tuesday, October 7, 2008 4:07 PM