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  • I have two versions of MS Money on one computer. There is Money2005 and also MoneyPlus. The latter runs perfectly.

    Money2005 used to go straight into the opening page. It never asked for a password, (in fact I don't believe 2005 even had that facility). I still have this version as it has historical records on it and MoneyPlus is unable to convert these to files it can read.

    MoneyPlus asks for a password before I can get into it. This is no problem when I want Plus.

    Recently when I try to go to Money2005 it shows the MoneyPlus password page. I have tried entering the MoneyPlus password and also clicking continue with no password, but it won't accept either. So I am locked out of my Money2005 and there is no facility to reset the password or get around this at all. I have no idea why it goes to the Plus sign-in page when I try to start 2005.

    My OS is Windows Vista. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

    James Smith.

    Sunday, July 13, 2014 8:25 AM

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  • Not sure. Let's presume that your Money 2005 was a US version that you have had installed for a few years. Let's presume that you have not attempted to reinstall Money 2005. Or let's presume that your Money 2005 is not a US version, and it was installed from an install file linked-to in the second posting in this forum.

    Your Money 2005 Money file and backups have different names from your Sunset files.

    So if your Money 2005 install is working, I wonder if you somehow tried to open your Sunset file by mistake. And Money 2006 remembered that wrong file. When it is asking for a password, then click on File at the top and choose your Money 2005 Money file instead. If that does not solve it, choose your latest Money 2005 backup file. If that does not solve it do you have earlier backup files? Do you have any *.m14 files and what are their dates?

    If you want more ideas, tell us more along the lines of the presumptions etc.

    Sunday, July 13, 2014 1:43 PM