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    we have a synctoy pair that we call each day with synctoy.cmd.  It runs on a server at our main site as a scheduled task @ 4:00am daily.  It syncs  a directory on the server at our main site with a directory on another server across the network at our DR site (unc path).  We are using the "synchronize" option because from time to time we do make changes at the DR site that need to be synchronized back to the main site.

    Today we noticed that several files in our main site (left folder in sync toy pair) were missing.  Our file auditing software showed that those files were deleted @ 4:30am by the service account that executes synctoy.cmd scheduled task.  So, we are 100% certain that synctoy deleted the files.  The odd thing is that the files were not deleted from the remote folder (right side of the folder pair)....they still existed.  So why in the heck did synctoy delete these files?  The only other clue we have is that our network monitoring software showed that there was a network interruption in the connection to our remote site from 4:09am thru 4:14am.  So, is it possible that the synctoy was comparing the left folder and right folder during that time and decided that those files were missing from the right side (since the network was down) and marked them for deletion on the left side?   has anyone experienced anything similar?  We've used this process literally for years and never had a problem with it until now....it's been a great poor-man's way to keep stuff in sync, but i'll need to look for something else if there is no work around for this scenario.

    Tuesday, June 26, 2018 8:34 PM