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  • I have been running WHS 2011 for some time now. I have never been able to get the backup software working as I am unable to install the connector software on any of my machines (all Windows 7). It finds the server and prompts me for the password, but then get the generic error "cannot connect this computer to the network. An unexpected error has occurred. For more infomation....". 

    I have tried everything I can about the subject but I am still unable to connect. 

    I am running two things that I presume are not usual. First, I am running "drive extender". Secondly, I have two network cards and am running routing and remote access services. I have a T1 line on one card and the other is connected to a hub to which all of the PCs are connected. This is so that I can share the T1 connection with the other computers. 

    I am totally at a loss. I am just about to give up and try Linux as the server. 

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Steve Mayo

    Wednesday, January 16, 2013 7:02 PM

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  • Not sure how you got that working ( perhaps its not) as I was under the press ion that WHS only supported a single network card.

    Phil P.S. If you find my comment helpful or if it answers your question, please mark it as such.

    Wednesday, January 16, 2013 10:58 PM
  • Routing and remote services work fine. All the computers have access to WHS and the internet, but the backup and media streaming do not. That is why I would like to be able to run the connector install.

    Steve Mayo

    Wednesday, January 16, 2013 11:06 PM
  • Did you look at the logfiles on the clients in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs

    Especially the "Computerconnector" and the "ClientDeploy" logs may have useful information.


    Thursday, January 17, 2013 9:26 AM
  • This is the log from ClientDeploy.log. Computerconnector does not show problems.

    [4476] 130116.141909.2120: ClientSetup: Start of ClientDeploy
    [4476] 130116.141909.4081: General: Initializing...C:\windows\Temp\Client Deployment Files\ClientDeploy.exe
    [4476] 130116.141909.4251: ClientSetup: Loading Wizard Data
    [4476] 130116.141909.5971: ClientSetup: Current DeploymentStatus=Running
    [4476] 130116.141909.9791: ClientSetup: Showing the Client Deployment Wizard
    [4476] 130116.141910.1511: ClientSetup: Adding Server Info data in the Product Registry
    [4476] 130116.141910.2041: ClientSetup: Set the Deployment Sync Event
    [8076] 130116.141914.2153: ClientSetup: Running ValidateUser Tasks at WizardPage HomeServerCred
    [8076] 130116.141914.2243: ClientSetup: Entering ConnectorWizardForm.RunTasks
    [8076] 130116.141914.2253: ClientSetup: Running Task with Id=ClientDeploy.ValidateUser
    [8076] 130116.141914.2333: ClientSetup: Entering ValidateUserTask.Run
    [8076] 130116.141914.2353: ClientSetup: Install root cert to local trusted store
    [8076] 130116.141914.2423: ClientSetup: Validating User
    [8076] 130116.141914.2423: ClientSetup: Call MachineIdentityManager.GetMachineStatus
    [8076] 130116.141926.1030: ClientSetup: MachineIdentityManager.GetMachineStatus had errors: ErrorCatalog:ProviderNotAvailable ErrorCode:-1
    BaseException: Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Devices.Identity.MachineIdentityException: MachineIdentityManager.GetMachineStatus
       at Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Devices.Identity.MachineIdentityManager.GetMachineStatus(String serverName, String userName, String password, String machineName, Boolean& isAdmin)
       at Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.ClientSetup.ClientDeploy.ValidateUserTask.Run(WizData data)
    [8076] 130116.141926.1040: ClientSetup: Exiting ValidateUserTask.Run
    [8076] 130116.141926.1040: ClientSetup: Task with Id=ClientDeploy.ValidateUser has TaskStatus=Failed
    [8076] 130116.141926.1040: ClientSetup: Task with Id=ClientDeploy.ValidateUser has RebootStatus=NoReboot
    [8076] 130116.141926.1040: ClientSetup: Exting ConnectorWizardForm.RunTasks
    [4476] 130116.141926.1120: ClientSetup: JoinNetwork Tasks returned TaskStatus=Failed
    [4476] 130116.141946.2862: ClientSetup: Back from the Client Deployment Wizard
    [4476] 130116.141946.2912: ClientSetup: Saving Wizard Data
    [4476] 130116.141946.2962: ClientSetup: End of ClientDeploy: ErrorCode=1603

    Steve Mayo

    Thursday, January 17, 2013 2:00 PM