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  • After doing my THIRD server recovery on my new (refurbed) HP EX475, my password seems to still be magically changing. 

    On each occasion, I entered, confirmed, and carefully wrote down my password, set up the server, balanced the storage, downloaded all the updates, set up accounts, sharing and whatnot.  I then exited the console to do other stuff.  When I returned to log in, the system tells me that my password is incorrect.

    I have now done this THREE times and used simpler passwords each time.  I thought I was OK (third time was the charm?) and tried to do a backup.  WHS told me that it failed and I needed to do CHKDSK on my drives.  I did that, and after finishing the second drive, rebooted and tried to log in to the console.

    Surprise, my password is incorrect.  Before I do this a 4th time, I'd really like to figger' out what I'm/WHS/HP is doing wrong.


    Bruce Berberich
    Greenville, NC
    Friday, November 6, 2009 3:38 AM

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  • Hi Bruce,
    there are various possibilities, why the password can be claimed as incorrect, even if it is correct.
    If you use Remote Desktop and the account Administrator with the console password, do you get access to the server?
    If so, usually something went wrong either with the DCOM configuration or with IIS settings (i.e. due to an upgrade - often performed in a Remote Desktop session and not intended for WHS, but optional for Windows Server 2003, installing other applications modifying the Internet Information Services or time differences between client and server).
    Check the event log of the server for related messages in the time of failed attempts to connect.

    Also name resolution can sometimes be an issue, if a server with the same name is located in the Internet DNS domain, which your router potentially hands out as DNS Suffix or DNS Search Suffix or if the DNS server responds with a (wrong) external IP address.

    Best greetings from Germany
    Friday, November 6, 2009 8:31 AM