RTP port 0 again.. (mediation-server fails to revert to none STUN/ICE mode) RRS feed

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    Scenario is sip SIP trunk using mediation-server to SBC, signalling is fine and  RTP negs ports fine from/to SBC to mediation-server, regardless of call directions.

    Is there any resolution to mediation-server sending to RTP dst port 0. I am assuming this is STUN/ICE probe (or related to SRTP), I checked for WMI values but do not see anything that implys this could be changed in the mediation-server.

    I was under the assumption based upon RFC's should STUN/ICE fail then the mediation-server should revert to sending RTP on the SDP negotiated ports.

    For me mediation-server never sends anything except these probe packets and then RTCP reports never reverting to normal RTP stream. The SBC sends a stream without problem via the  mediation-server to MOC.

    Would be really useful to know how to get around this (if possible)  I have seen several threads on this . with no apparent answer so far.. or what exactly does mediation-server expect to rx in response to the tx to RTP port 0  (valid STUN response?)
    (am using 8/08 mediation-server version) having tried the others with no success.

    Monday, October 20, 2008 4:43 PM