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    Hello, I just received the June issue of PC Authority magazine in which it reviews Live One Care. The review awarded 2 stars out of 6 and ended with the statement the package is "mediocre at best" .

    Ironically , this review appears in the magazine just a few pages after a full page advertisement for Live One Care.

    I have just renewed my Live One Care subscription for another year , without any problems I might add ! , I am now concerned as to whether my computers are as protected as I think they are.

    To date I have had no real problems with Live One Care and so thought all was well.

    Should I be running another adware, spyware type of program as well as LIve One Care?

    Wednesday, May 7, 2008 3:49 AM


  • I haven't seen the review you refer to, but I can say that there have been mixed reviews of OneCare. No protection is perfect, but in my experience, OneCare works as well as the next program out there in protecting the PC. I installed it on my wife's machine over a year ago and her PC has been free from spyware and viruses in all that time. Prior to that, I had to deal with a number of infections by running 3rd party tools and cleaners to deal with pesky pop-ups and minor virus infections that had made it past the antivirus product she was using, Avast. I like Avast and continue to recommend it for users who want free protection.

    I am personally using OneCare on many of my own machines. One PC was partially infected during the early days of 1.0. By that I mean that it blocked the virus from acting, but not before it had infected the System Restore points, which I then had to purge to stop getting the warning from OneCare that it had detected an infection.

    So, to answer your question, no, you should *not* use any other scanner/protection along with OneCare. If you wish to validate that OneCare is indeed protecting you, feel free to do an online scan at one of the reputable major vendor sites.

    Two good ones are:





    I think you summed it up yourself in your final statement before the question. Since you have had no real problems, I think you've validated that OneCare is doing a decent enough job for you. :-)




    Wednesday, May 7, 2008 12:33 PM