Make it a smarter phone RRS feed

  • General discussion

  • Add the ability to send status/pressent information to the operator so they could implement the functionality to forward calls to voice mail or other phonenumbers when in a meeting and so on.


    Please make it easier to change parts of a dialed/recived or a contacts phonenumber before dialing. Now when I want to change the last number I have to re enter the full number.


    Make it easier to copy phonenumbers on all phone releated senarios.


    Add as plugable online search funtion for phonenumbers not in my addressbook. Something simular to the searchbox in IE 7 but for phonenumbers.


    When reciving a call display the contacts picure in a large format


    Show the missed calls contact picture if pressent.


    Add a photo view to the contacts list so you can search by picture


    Add phone profiles to all versions in WM and add an managed API so our apps can set the phone in differents modes based on events and what ever.


    Add the ability to control my phone from desktop outlook when connected with active sync. You should be able to dial from contacts in desktop outlook and optionaly display the desktop outlook contact on the desktop when reciving or making calls.


    Add some basic trigger based launcher app that could start a program, open an Url and so on for events like: my wifi network is pressent, my bluetooth device is pressent and so on.


    Tab or multi window support in pocket IE


    Wednesday, September 19, 2007 11:09 PM