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  • I am no longer getting emails at my email address. I believe it is somehow linked to my aol account that I tried to close 5 yrs. ago. I don't know if that is possible, but my future exhusband will not close that aol account that he signed me up for. I called aol fraud and they said I wasn't the orimary person to sign up and I couldn't access any information. I called my husband and he said he wouldn't help me out. Maybe someone else has hacked into my email, I just don't know enough about computers and only recently found this out about my live.com account. Can anyone help me ask the right questions so I don't sound paranoid. I never changed my personal quetions for my I.D. like my profile said that I did.  I contacted live. com and asked them to send an email to my father and to my new one., reluctantly. They did neither. So something is wrong. I know my banks and credit cards are linked to the live.com account still. I am concerned with identity theft, but my abusive husband could also be at the bottom of this behavior. Either way I ought to be able to cancel these accounts and not allow him access....Thanks for answering, Chris

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011 5:39 AM


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