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  • Hey Microsoft team, ya'll do so many things great and I love many things about Live and all the products I use, but I am afraid when researching keywords I am still using Google's tool.  Maybe I just don't know how within Live so help me out.  Here is a list of questions on things I think Google does better.


    Within Live I can't open the keyword iframe windows on the research page, they seem fixed and I have to scroll through the list.  Personally I hate this, pop it open please or give me the option to expand it.  How about keyword competition, cost per ad and placement estimates?  Are the keywords you are displaying broad, exact, or phrase matches, I can't tell and there is no way to set which one I want data on.  What about individual data on keyword for search volume trends?  I can get it if I select one word at a time, but what if I select a group of keywords, then it appears to combine the data together, doing them individually is very inefficient and it doesn't give you the ability to compare them against each other.  What about negative word recommendations? 


    It appears some of this data might be available in the labs tool, and the one item I really like in the lab tool is the word mutation tool and plan on adding words from it to my campaigns, but this tool has the same issue that I think Google has with theirs, you have to run the reports individually and then combine them together yourself for a complete look at all the data.  What about a tool where I could plug in my keywords, my ad and it crunched all this data for me and gave it back in a report?  Maybe even show me campaigns in that group which have been running a long time and what positions they have as a comparison.



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    Monday, May 21, 2007 4:35 PM

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