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  • IE8 was automaticaly downloaded and installed on my computer. I had IE6 and McAfee anti-virus 9.15, they were working well together. IE8 gets installed and everything goes to pot! McAfee will not scan and takes a month of sundays to update.
    Removed IE8 from my computer and things are back to working properly! Put IE8 back on thinking that maybe it had installed incorrectly and everything goes south again! Removed IE8 and rebooted computer now McAfee and IE6 are working together again. So IE8 is the root problem, it is interfearing with the proper operation of McAfee's latest 9.15.
    I posted this earlier and got a responce that I could not read as when I clicked on the conection link it when to a blank screen.
    If you have McAfee 9.15 do not download IE8 and your McAfee will stop working properly. If you have already downloaded and installed IE8 and you have McAfee 9.15 and it is working how did you do that? If you do not know if it is working try running a scan. If you get the error message:

    "Scanning has encountered a problem from which it cannot recover. Here are the problem details;-Scan failed to start; result=-2147467259. When finished, you will return to the home window." 

    Then remove IE8 go back to IE6 and reboot. You should beable to get things moving again properly.

    I have now turned off and will not turn back on the Automatic down load and install feature. As this is the third or forth time it has caused me several hours of troubleshooting and getting rid of issues that interfear with do not work properly or cause havok with my computer.

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