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  • Hi, everyone:


    I found that the audio will have problem when the client using windows media 11. The sound is not continued or is distorted. I want to know if it does relates with the audio codecs of windows media play 11?? And the audio codes of windows media player 11 is different with windows media player 10?? I found that conferenceXP using the compressor "Windows Media Audio V2" and the decompressor "WMAudio Decoder"...


    And I met some situation:

    1) windows xp sp2, with wmp 11, and using audio compressor, when test audio locally, the sound is perfect, but when in the venue, the sound is bad!!

    2) windows server 2008, with wmp11, and using audio compressor, when test audio locally, the sound is bad, when in the venue, the sound is bad too.

    And the solution is likely to not use the audio compressor (so we escape from windows media)....


    so, to conclude my question:

    1. the audio codec in wmp 10 and wmp11 is not compatible?

    2. what will affect the audio quality? the wmp version( relatied to the audio codec), the microphone, the sound card..?? or...



    Tuesday, June 24, 2008 3:22 AM


  • I encountered one odd case where the audio and video looked fine in the audio/video settings dialog test, but bad when in a venue.  We eventually discovered that the user had enabled the super-secure feature of his virus scanner which was killing the outbound network throughput, and caused the problem.


    I know of one issue with the audio codec when using Vista.  This has to do with a missing audio codec, even when you have the latest WMP installed.  The workaround is in our installation  notes. 


    I bet you are having this problem with the Windows Server 2008 system.


    Regards, Fred

    Friday, August 1, 2008 11:09 PM