Windows Installer Error 2869 on Vista and Windows 7 RRS feed

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I have a program compiled with VS 2005 which I distribute over the internet. When you install the program it also installs a Windows Service.

    Very occasionally (perhaps twice a year) I get an email from someone reporting the error code 2869. They have always been users of Windows Vista, but now a lady has written to me because she is getting this error on Windows 7.

    All the research I have done on this problem suggests that it is caused by not setting the "NoImpersonate" flag on custom actions. I don't think that this is the problem though, because I have included a post build script to set this flag. The values before running the script are:

    uninstall                                        1025
    uninstall.SetProperty                      51
    install                                           1025
    install.SetProperty                         51
    rollback                                        1281
    rollback.SetProperty                      51
    commit                                         1537
    commit.SetProperty                       51
    DIRCA_TARGETDIR                       307
    DIRCA_CheckFX                            1
    VSDCA_VadLaunchCondtions          1
    VSDCA_FolderForm_AllUsers          51

    and after running the script they are:

    uninstall                                        3073
    uninstall.SetProperty                      2099
    install                                           3073
    install.SetProperty                         2099
    rollback                                        3329
    rollback.SetProperty                      2099
    commit                                         3585
    commit.SetProperty                       2099
    DIRCA_TARGETDIR                       307
    DIRCA_CheckFX                            1
    VSDCA_VadLaunchCondtions          1
    VSDCA_FolderForm_AllUsers           51

    The 2869 error still appears. I have no way of calculating how many users experience this problem, but I suspect that the one or two who write to me each year represent the tip of the iceberg. I have attempted to reproduce the problem for myself on several Vista installations but without success.

    As I said, at the moment I am in email contact with someone who is getting this error, and so far she has not minded running various test installations, so I would really like to get this problem resolved before her patience runs out.

    Can anyone

    a) Point out anything that might be wrong in what I am doing at the moment as described above or

    b) Give me any suggestions about what conditions might be present on a Vista or Windows 7 machine to cause this, so I can try to reproduce the problem for myself. The only one that occurs to me is having UAC activated or not, but even with UAC activated the installation still runs fine on my Vista laptop.

    Any help would be gratefully received!


    Sunday, November 1, 2009 9:16 AM