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  • So - I cant even reply to my own thread now - despite being signed in I was asked to create a new sign in? this is the old thread: to add to which I can now no longer use up and down arrows to go through mail they have COMPLETELY disappeared. So is someone who works for Hotmail going to come and offer some advice because ive had more things go wrong with Hotmail in the last 2 weeks than in the last 10 years apart from you deleting all my mail when you migrated us of course - Hotmail is currently UNUSABLE.

    OK im feeling pretty annoyed right now - im Dyslexic, ive used Hotmail for years, in the past few years you have made many changes but ALL of them have an email, showing the change, or a warning and CLEAR explanations most of the time of how to opt out. In the last 10 days you have.

    1.FORCED implementation of 'focused' emails - it was put in place on all my accounts without asking, with very little information, nobody wants Hotmail to decide what emails they need to 'focus' on.

    2.The most important for me  - you have STOPPED putting the previous message in the the response email body - there is nothing there, there is no way of referring to the emeial contents whilst writing which is essential for Dyslexics - you have not mentioned ANYWHERE why you have done this or how to cancel it - there appears to benothing in the optins despite there previously being according to some old articles  -cuurently I cant see any previous message when I hit reply.

    3. Ignore the settings from the previous log in the  go invisible so now every time you log in you are automatically shows as available. Not OK.

    I need an explanation as to why these changes are happening without even basic email informing of changes, why you feel its ok to force these changes on a persons email account and how the h*ll to actually reset.

    Friday, April 28, 2017 12:31 PM