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  • I have a real head scratcher here...  I've been banging my head against the
    wall for a couple of days now.  I've stumped a friend at work who is an
    MCSE, and I'm just about ready to wipe the system and start from scratch.
    This is what I'm really trying to avoid.

    I have a Windows XP Home Edition system with SP2 that has been running fine
    for several months.  This is connected to a Linksys broadband router that
    does DHCP.  Let me stress that this configuration has worked flawlessly for
    months.  The system is a custom built, that I built myself.  The motherboard
    is an Abit AB9 Pro that has a pair of built-in GigE network ports.

    A few nights ago everything was working fine.  The next morning I had no
    Ethernet connectivity.  I specifically mean I had no Ethernet connectivity
    because my work laptop is connected to the same Linksys router and is
    working fine.  I tried step one of Windows troubleshooting and rebooted.
    This obviously didn't work.  I disabled DHCP and assigned a static IP.  I
    was able to ping the IP I just assigned to the card, but was unable to ping
    the router.  I replaced the Ethernet cable and rebooted and still nothing.

    At this point I thought maybe I have a bad network port on the motherboard,
    so I went out and bought a brand new Linksys Ethernet card.  I installed
    this and it would also NOT pickup a DHCP address.  I assigned a static IP
    with the same results.  Out of pure frustration I went out and bought a new
    broadband router, and this too made NO difference.  Obviously several
    reboots have occurred in this time.

    I ran this by an MCSE friend at work.  He suggested doing a repair install
    of Windows XP and this sounded like a good idea, although I'm still stuck
    without Ethernet connectivity after this.  The only thing left that I can
    think of is to give up and either call Microsoft (I'm not paying the money
    for that), or wipe the system and re-install from scratch.  The last thing
    I'm going to try this evening to completely rule out hardware is to download
    a Live CD version of Linux and make sure that I have network connectivity
    that way.  I suspect that this is some kind of TCP/IP corruption, but I have
    no idea how to straighten this out.

    Please help me avoid having to wipe and reload the system.  I know that this
    being Windows I need to do this once a year or so, but I just built this
    system less than 6 months ago.  Even Windows should be able to run without
    having to be reloaded for that period of time.  Thanks in advance for any

    Wednesday, July 4, 2007 12:50 PM

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