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  • I'm most certain that this post is in the wrong section of the Microsoft forums, but I've searched every possible category and this seemed like my best shot of being heard Smile


    Having been disabled for nearly 18 years (c4 quadriplegic), I must use the accessibilities features available in Windows to perform function involving the shift, ctrl & alt keys.  Additionally, I use the alt+tab feature constantly to switch between my open applications.   


    Strangely, when I enable sticky-keys, I must strike the winkey on my keyboard 3 times to get the start menu to appear.  It is like that for XP & Vista.  When sticky keys is off, it reacts normally, but now I do not have the features I need.


    Also, when using XP, alt+tab would work well in that – if I hit alt, then tab, it would instantly jump to the previous application.  If I pressed alt twice, essentially holding it down, and then pressed tab, it would bring up the little window in the middle of the screen and I would then navigate to the application I desired and the press alt, releasing the key and entering the application.  Vista doesn’t work nearly as well and at the behest of everyone I’ve ever spoken with regarding this issue (Microsoft tech support –for over 2 hours getting transferred everywhere-, forums, other disabled folks) I feel that my best shot at a resolution would be with the developers at Microsoft.


    And although this may seem like a trivial issue to some, this is just one of about four shortcomings, or problems, that I feel should be addressed.


    The long and short, can anyone out there help in pointing me in the right direction in hopes of getting some real assistance?  Anything would be greatly appreciated!


    Jim Sanders



    p.s. I thought this section of the site would help to no avail.  Unless I could email one of them directly Smile


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  • Hi Jim,


    I can understand your annoyance. Although we can't help you here because our team doesn't own the vista accessibility feature, but I'm looking for the right person to help. So hopefully we can get somebody to answer your post.




    Wednesday, April 30, 2008 12:15 AM
  • Hi,


    Sorry for taking so long. I've got a reply internally but it's been filed into the wrong folder.


    Please check out Windows Vista's sticky key article here http://www.microsoft.com/enable/training/windowsvista/stickykeys.aspx.


    Does it help your problems? I'm not an expert in accessibility area. So if it doesn't, I'll point you to the right forum to post the question.




    Tuesday, May 13, 2008 6:38 AM
  • Thanks for responding Christina!


    Unfortunatey the link you provided offered no additional insight to this issue.  Since my post, I've learned that switching my interface to windows basic resolves the problem - but leaves me with an ugly interface Smile


    After much trial & error, it seems as though my stickey keys are adversley conflicting with the feature in vista that presents the user with the traditional "file, edit, view etc" menu whe alt is pressed.  So in a sense, that occurs upon my first key press of alt hence ignoruing my intended command.  If there were a method to deactivate that feature within the vista interface, I bet it would resolve instantly!  BTW, I'm not adverse to diving into the registry Smile


    Any further insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated!  And thanks again :


    Jim Sanders

    Thursday, May 22, 2008 9:03 PM
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    You can ask this question at www.answers.microsoft.com or in a Vista forum.

    Or I can move this to a specific forum if you'd like.


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