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  • Last week, I bought a new 25-character Product Key and received it yesterday, May 17, 2006. I followed the procedure and restarted the computer. Unfortunately it didn't work, so I had to restore my system at the restore point that was made during this procedure, and the validation/activation worked. For some reason, when I decided to get off the computer later that night and I proceeded to shut it down, the computer did not shut down although I thought it did. I heard the sound of a computer being on and thought it was just my younger daughter's computer that was on, not mine and I shut off the main power switch that I think belongs to a surge protector [well, that's what it says on the product] that connects all the plugs I have. This, in turn, shut off my computer and I went to bed. I woke up this morning and when I came home, I realized I had to go online and turned on the main power switch and the computer power button. To my surprise, it said that I needed to validate/activate my copy of Windows again! I had to use the product key I got yesterday and tried to do the Windows Product Key Update Tool but failed. It said that I had to restart my computer as usual and when it finally went back on again, I had to use the system restore point that was made during this procedure from today. It didn't work because I still see the little activation/validation popup and it's also on my taskbar. What am I supposed to do? I shut off the computer by accident and I guess the activation part did not get saved. I do not really want to buy another product key because I had to buy too much things this week and I don't think I have enough money. Would the CD that came with the purchase work? If I used it, would all my files be erased if I have to use the CD? Would I need to back up all the files I have on my computer on CDs? How come this isn't working? I hope there is a resolution to this and please respond back soon. Thank you.
    Saturday, May 27, 2006 11:11 PM