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    We've got a Custom Activity (SupervisedTransferActivity) based on a SpeechCompositeActivity.
    This is used by another Custom Activity (TransferActivity) based on a SpeechSequenceActivity.
    This in turn is used within a WorkFlow to perform transfers.
    We've added logging details into the SupervisedTransferActivity so that we can use the "Analysis & Tuning Studio" to evaluate the activities performance.
    The lines we've added include:
    ConsultationSession = TelephonySession.CreateSession(TelephonySessionType.SupervisedTransfer);
        ConsultationSession.LoggingManager.EnterTurn("SupervisedTransferQuestion", "Ask");
            ConsultationSession.LoggingManager.LogSemanticAssociation(null, null);
      ConsultationSession.LoggingManager.ExitTask(TaskStatus.Success, "SupervisedTransfer Successful");
    This gives us Task and Turn information for the Questions we ask the Consultation Party (i.e. do they want to accept the call).
    There are a couple of issues I would like to fix within the "Analysis & Tuning Studio" views but can't find any documentation or obvious solutions.
    1) ConsultationSession => UserHangUp?
    The "Ending Status" of the ConsultationSession within the "Session Detailed View" is always shown as a UserHangUp.  We perform a "TransferAsync" on the original TelephonySession to connect the two sessions and the original sessions "Ending Status" is shown as a Transfer.  Why is the ConsultationSession not also shown as a "Transfer" as it has also been part of a successful transfer?  Is there any way of setting this after the Transfer has been successful?
    2) ConsultationSession is not part of the Application/Server?
    The "Server Report View" and "Session List View" indicate that the "Server" and "Application" of the ConsultationSession are [Unknown].  Is there any way of associating this new session to the application/main workflow?
    3) SupervisedTransfer Task is not associated to any other Task?
    The "Task List View" and "Task Details View" show that the "SupervisedTransfer" task (created/logged within the SpeechCompositeActivity) is not a subtask of the "TransferProcess" task (created/logged within the SpeechSequenceActivity").  It would be better if the "SupervisedTransfer" Task were a SubTask of the "TransferProcess" Task as that is the only place it is used and it may be used more than once as part of the "TransferProcess" Task.  Is it possible to set this task association when the Consultation Session is created?
    Thanks for any help.
    Wednesday, July 4, 2007 3:38 PM

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  • Hi Kevin,

    Can you update this post? Is this still an issue with the RTM version?

    Wednesday, September 19, 2007 6:09 PM