How to Configure Resource Allocation (Weight) in Resource Pools ? RRS feed

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  • Hello Together,

    we are using Microsoft HPC 2012 R2 on our Cluster with enabled Resource Pools.
    For us the Calculation of the Cores is unclear.

    Following details we can provide: (Shown Values inside HPC Cluster Manager)

    Total Weight of the Pool = 1408
    Total Current Allocation = 1450
    Total Guaranteed Allocation = 1464

    When i try to recalculate the Number of Cores, i'm not able to match this numbers:

    Following Nodes we have currently Online in this Cluster:

     84 x 12 Cores = 1008
     50 x 8 Cores  =  400
     41 x 4 Cores  =  164
    Sum 1572 Cores

    Due the Fact, that we use our Nodes with oversubscribed Cores / Sockets
     we could also calculate following:

     Online Nodes (Oversubscribed Cores=4)

     175 x 4       = 700 Cores

    Additional to this, we have currently:

    3 Nodes which are Offline:

    2 x 12 Cores = 24 Cores
    1 x 8 Cores  =  8 Cores
    Sum            32 Cores

    As you see, We are not able to recalculate the sum of the Total Guaranteed Allocation 1464 Cores.
    If we sum up all the real available cores we come to the result of 1572 Cores or 1604 Cores (incl. the Offline ones)
    And if we use only the oversubscribed Cores, we come to the result of 708 Cores or 714 Cores (incl. Head Node)
    So there is a mismatch of around 140 Cores.

    So how is the Total Guaranteed Allocation for the Pool calculated?
    We want exactly to distribute the Cores towards the single Pools, but currently it is unclear, how this is managed.

    Any explanation about this would be welcome.

    Thank you very much in advance,
    best regards,


    Saturday, March 7, 2015 11:04 AM