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  • hrotsos posted on 09-14-2009 5:37 AM

    I am currently trying to develop a simple bayesian classifier. I run approximately (generally I have a couple of function that break the inference process in small steps- db object is a simple interface to the database that return int[] on all functions mentioned here ) the following code:

            Variable<Vector> modelClassDistribution;    

            VariableArray<Vector>[] modelParams;     

            int tmp;
            // Infer.NET range for classes.
            Range modelClassRange = new Range(this.db.getClassCount()); 
            // Put a Dirichlet prior on the class distribution.
            arrClassDist = this.db.getClassDistribution(this.trainDataset);
            for (tmp = 0; tmp < arrClassDist.Length; tmp++)
              arrClassDist[tmp] += 1.0;
            modelClassDistribution = Variable.Dirichlet(modelClassRange, arrClassDist);
            for (int i = 0; i < this.INT_FIELDS.Length; i++) {
              this.modelParams[ i ] = Variable.Array<Vector>(modelClassRange);
              arrFeatDist = this.db.getScalarFeatureDistribution(this.trainDataset, i);
              dir = new Dirichlet[arrFeatDist.Length];
              for (tmp = 0; tmp < arrFeatDist.Length; tmp++) {
                for (j = 0; j < arrFeatDist[tmp].Length; j++)
                  arrFeatDist[tmp][j] += 1.0;
                dir[tmp] = new Dirichlet(arrFeatDist[tmp]);
                prior = Variable.Constant(dir, modelClassRange);
              using (Variable.ForEach(modelClassRange)) {
                this.modelParams[ i ][modelClassRange] = Variable.Random<Vector, Dirichlet>(prior[modelClassRange]);


          int numTestpoints =  10;

          // Infer.NET range for the datapoints.
          Range testDataRange = new Range(numTestpoints);
          VariableArray<int> testClasses = Variable.Array<int>(testDataRange);
          VariableArray<int>[] testFeat = new VariableArray<int>[this.INT_FIELDS.Length];
          for (i = 0; i < this.INT_FIELDS.Length; i++) {
            testFeat[ i ] = Variable.Array<int>(testDataRange);

          // Infer.NET variable array for the labels.
          using (Variable.ForEach(testDataRange)) {
            testClasses[testDataRange] = Variable.Discrete(modelClassDistribution);

          for (i = 0; i < this.INT_FIELDS.Length; i++) {
            using (Variable.ForEach(testDataRange)) {
              using (Variable.Switch(testClasses[testDataRange])) {
                testFeat[ i ][testDataRange] = Variable.Discrete(this.modelParams[ i ][testClasses[testDataRange]]);

            for (i = 0; i < this.field_count; i++) {
              testFeat[ i ].ObservedValue = this.db.getFeatureData(i);
            dist = ie.Infer<Discrete[]>(testClasses);

    And I get the following error:

    Compiling model...
    ** (simpleBayes/bin/Debug/simpleBayes.exe:28682): WARNING **: Missing method System.Collections.Generic.ICollection`1.Contains in assembly /auto/homes/cr409/workspace/FlowClassifier/simpleBayes/simpleBayes/bin/Debug/Infer.Compiler.dll token a00007e

    Unhandled Exception: System.TypeLoadException: A type load exception has occurred.
      at #Bd.#QS.ConvertExpressionStatement (IBlockStatement bs, IExpressionStatement ies) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Transforms.CopyTransform.DoConvertStatement (IBlockStatement bs, IStatement ist) [0x00000]
      at #Bd.#QS.DoConvertStatement (IBlockStatement bs, IStatement ist) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Transforms.CopyTransform.ConvertStatement (IBlockStatement bs, IStatement ist, System.Object key) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Transforms.CopyTransform.ConvertBlock (IBlockStatement outputBlock, IBlockStatement inputBlock, System.Object key) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Transforms.CopyTransform.ConvertMethodBody (IMethodDeclaration md, IMethodDeclaration imd) [0x00000]
      at #Bd.#QS.ConvertMethodBody (IMethodDeclaration md, IMethodDeclaration imd) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Transforms.CopyTransform.ConvertMethod (IMethodDeclaration md, IMethodDeclaration imd) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Transforms.CopyTransform.DoConvertMethod (IMethodDeclaration imd, System.Object key) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Transforms.CopyTransform.ConvertMethods (ITypeDeclaration td, ITypeDeclaration itd) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Transforms.CopyTransform.ConvertType (System.Object owner, ITypeDeclaration td, ITypeDeclaration itd) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Transforms.CopyTransform.Transform (ITypeDeclaration itd) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Transforms.CodeTransformer.TransformToDeclaration (ITypeDeclaration typeDecl) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Transforms.TransformerChain.TransformToDeclaration (ITypeDeclaration itd, MicrosoftResearch.Transforms.AttributeRegistry`2 inputAttributes) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Infer.ModelCompiler.CompileWithoutParams (ITypeDeclaration itd, System.Reflection.MethodBase method, MicrosoftResearch.Transforms.AttributeRegistry`2 inputAttributes) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Infer.Models.ModelBuilder.Compile (MicrosoftResearch.Infer.InferenceEngine engine, Boolean checkParamsAreSet) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Infer.InferenceEngine.GetCompiledInferenceAlgorithm (IEnumerable`1 vars, Boolean checkParamsAreSet, Boolean inferOnlySpecifiedVars) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Infer.InferenceEngine.InferAll (Boolean inferOnlySpecifiedVars, IEnumerable`1 vars) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Infer.InferenceEngine.Infer (IVariable var) [0x00000]
      at MicrosoftResearch.Infer.InferenceEngine.Infer[Object] (IVariable var) [0x00000]
      at simpleBayes.Program.testModel () [0x00000]
      at simpleBayes.Program.run () [0x00000]
      at simpleBayes.Program.Main (System.String[] args) [0x00000]

    Does this error comes from my code or is it an error on mono? The same code ruyns perfectly on Visual Studio, but I need to run this program on a linux platform.

    Friday, June 3, 2011 5:18 PM


  • hrotsos replied on 09-26-2009 3:16 PM

    problem solved finally by using the latest version of mono for the svn. Fedora distributions seems to have a very bad support for mono. Thank you for the help.

    Friday, June 3, 2011 5:18 PM

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  • Elise replied on 09-23-2009 9:20 AM

    Hi hrotsos,

                        this is a variant of the Mono bug detailed in the user guide: https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=439125 generic methods where constraints have generic parameters.

    When Infer is called using Discrete[] as the Generic parameter.

    However, the following both work in Mono

    var dist = ie.Infer<DistributionArray<Discrete, int>>(testClasses);

    var dist = ie.Infer(testClasses);

    Hope this helps. It's the best work around until the Mono bug is fixed,




    Friday, June 3, 2011 5:18 PM
  • hrotsos replied on 09-26-2009 3:16 PM

    problem solved finally by using the latest version of mono for the svn. Fedora distributions seems to have a very bad support for mono. Thank you for the help.

    Friday, June 3, 2011 5:18 PM