Trying to Publish - get "Microsoft Image Composite Editor has stopped working" RRS feed

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  • Generally impressed with this program, and hope it can become better! good job..

    But this is about the 5th pano i've tried to "Publish" and programs shuts down with error:

    (I've had about 4 other successful panos so far, and will keep trying with others).

    "Microsoft Image Composite Editor has stopped working"   - no other information is displayed and the program goes away when you press "close program" - "A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." (obviously there is no solution).

    Oddly, "Export" button with same set of .jpgs will create the output .jpg file ok.  It generates a 22,482KB file that looks ok from the 40 HDR .jpg source files (that total about 135MB) .

    But pressing Export (non cropped) it terminates with error at about 29% complete

    Reproduced every time with 64-bit ICE 1.4.4 on Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 , Core I7 860 2.8Ghz CPU (8GB ram)

    Memory for ICE was at about 3.8GB (I have 8GB physical ram and system was using 6.38GB at time of failure. before I start ICE it's 2.7GB).

    I don't know what to look for in sysinternals Process Explorer, but it did show these threads running until they were suspended before I terminate ICE

    Not sure if this means anything but, the stack for thread 3476 that has the "0x0" address shows this:

    (I was trying to look for any reason for general protection failure)


    Let me know if I can provide any other reproduce information for you..

    Hope this helps..

    Thanks, Joe

    Sunday, July 22, 2012 4:28 PM

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  • I thought i had a consistent reproduce, so i could test a workaround

    1) click New Panorama (ctrl-n) - select the 40 images clicking in the list and using ^a.

    2) load the 40 images (it says reading source images,matching source images,solving,compositing steps)

    3) click "publish to web" (Without any adjustments, take defaults) (or Alt-F, P)

      it says checking for photosynth updates, compositing for photosynth... and at 29% it crashes pretty consistently (though I feel i might have seen it succeed once).

    Possible Workaround:

    Using  the "adjust projection icon" next to the crop icon and  drag it a bit to the left (maybe 30% rotation of orientation), it started to work!   

    Seems like a pretty consistent workaround for me.  so maybe this is a one-off data/image-related problem?

    Sunday, July 22, 2012 6:56 PM