Fulldome view and solar system object scale bug RRS feed

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  • I am programming star tours to present in our Planetarium using the fulldome features and I'd like to highlight the moon and its phases during our star tours, but I've noticed that the solar system objects in "Sky" view, especially the moon, are very small and hardly visible. See here (moon is circled): http://imgur.com/oiaIzd8

    That size just seems way to small to me, but I do know the moon's angular size is only about 30 arcminutes, so I suppose it might be correct. Is this a bug or intentional? Is there any way functionality could be added to increase the apparent size of those solar system objects in "Sky" view to help highlight phases and details? Our projector currently has a resolution of only 1080p, so having the moon that small results in it only taking up a couple of pixels. Something like this would be quite a bit more ideal: http://imgur.com/0cMYYQj

    As always, thanks for your time and help!

    Ps. the bug reporting page on WorldwideTelescope.com seems to be broken, which is the main reason I am posting this here.

    Tuesday, July 8, 2014 7:28 PM