where do I go to tell MS that the update I received on Mon disabled my customized mouse features RRS feed

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  • Please see the title.

    I have to reinstall my mouse software every time I re-start, since the update on Monday.  I'm using a Circque Smart Cat Pro touchpad mouse.  It has 6 custom buttons which I can program to do any number of things, automatically.  The update has also somehow disabled 3 of the 4 features that were accessed by dragging a finger along any of the 4 edges of the touchpad surface.  The vertical scroll, which is activated by dragging along the right edge of the pad, does still work.  The other 3 no longer work, (left edge - zoom, top edge - browser back and forward, bottom edge - horizontal scroll) unless I reinstall the softare after every restart.  So that's 8 features that are lost.

    Not that I really care very much.  But in case it might help people who for some ungodly reason are going to keep using Windows 10.  Personally, after being locked out of my computer for an hour and a half while it went to get updates, I've decided to revert to Windows 7.  And as soon as a I have a capable Windows system to fall back on, I'm going to start learning how to use Linux.  Hopefully within a couple of years, I'll say goodbye to Windows forever.

    It's too bad, really.  Windows XP and Windows 7 were very capable systems.  Windows 10 is some kind of joke.


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