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  • I'm not up on all the DRM legal/technical issues but I know enough to know that customers often face DRM barriers in playing content on various computers/devices around the home.  Today DRM is really a in-your face proposition for those who have legally obtained this protected content.  I think Windows Home Server could really simplify life and enable a truly connected experience by minimizing the "DRM" barrier on a in-home network.  The idea might not be new but I just want to suggest you develop some sort of Network Media License Service for WHS.  The main features I see it having...

    * You can add up to 5 PCs from the same network

    * WHS Connector would sync licenses between each PC and the WHS Network Media License Service.  If you take your laptop on the road for example, your local protected content would still be playable.  When a PC on the home network trys to playback content for which it does not have a local license it will attempt to get license info from NMLS.  That would be true if you are trying to playback a protected file from a PC share, WHS share or some other NAS device.

    * Windows Media Connect on WHS would be modified to use NMLS to enable streaming of protected content to extenders.

    * Network Media License Service would also be able to refresh licenses from original store as needed. 

    * NMLS would disable licenses for content that came from PCs which have not connect to WHS in over 7 days.  This way people are not just loading content from a friends computer.

    * NMLS would provide facilities for moving local licenses from one PC to another.  For example, if you are replacing a computer with a new one.  Perhaps you want to give that old machine to a family member but want to keep the protected content.

    To me this would go a long way in making my home experience truly connected and unintrusive.  And I think it will add tremendous value to WHS and help differientate it from NAS products.

    Does this seem plausible?

    Thursday, March 22, 2007 7:13 PM

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  • You would have to get the content owners to agree to such a scheme. Currently they allow playback on a number of devices. Creating a new licensing model that allowed playback on all devices within a household would probably be welcomed by consumers but not by the recording industry.
    Friday, March 23, 2007 12:32 AM
  • That would be likely but I don't see why Microsoft couldn't negotiate a deal for XBox & Zune MarketPlace content.  The point here is that by leading and offering an advantage for their MarketPlace customers it will likely force other stores to negotiate deals with content owners to offer the same advantage.  In the end, content owners will get better deals and consumers will have new flexibility and Microsoft will have strengthened its entertainment platform (win, win, win).
    Friday, March 23, 2007 1:53 AM