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  • My main computer was getting the error NTLDR not found.  I ignored it and kept on booting.  Recently, I got a black screen and the computer would not reboot.  I went to the recovery console but was afraid to use some of its utilities because of possible irreversible changes. 


    So I took out the HD and put it into another computer and replaced the missing files from the installation disk.  Putting it back in the original computer, I was able to get to safe mode but then got the error "system could not be found".  So putting it back in the 2nd computer, I went to the Windows folder (now on drive DSmile and found that all files after the letter M had disappeared.  So the operating system could not load since it could not see the System file.


    Checking through various sites on the Internet, I found that others had experienced the same problem.  Can anyone shed any light on the peculiar situation of files disappearing after the letter M?


    So I went into DOS and found that all the files beyond M were really still there, but the Windows GUI was not recogizing them since Windows could not see them.  I am now laborously copying all the files and subdirectories in the Windows folder to a new folder which I will eventually rename as the Windows folder.  Checking this new folder in Windows, all the files I copied beyond the letter M are there, but the original Windows folder still shows no files of subdirectories beyond the letter M.


    Does the operating system point to a specific location on the drive, or to the folder currently named Windows?  If it does point to the location, how can I change it to the new folder?


    Much appreciation for help!


    Tom Crane


    Tuesday, April 8, 2008 3:36 PM

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