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  • I think device-sharing feature would be very useful if enabled in the mesh. For example, I want to connect to my mom's computer who lives far away from me, making some maintenance installing antivirus software etc. Is it possible thing to see in the mesh?


    Monday, December 29, 2008 1:05 PM

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  • Install Live Mesh an your mom's computer and add the machine to your Mesh. You should now see it in your device ring (on livemesh.com) and in the device list on your Mesh icon menu in the system tray of your own computer. Select your mom's computer and click "connect". This will establish a remote desktop connection to your mom's pc, so you can remote-control her pc.

    You need to have administrator rights on your mom's pc for this to work.

    If you can't connect but instead see a yellow triangle with exclamation mark next to the icon of your mom's pc you need to configure mesh remote desktop on her machine (from the Mesh icon menu)

    Of course, your mom's pc has to be connected to the internet...
    Stefan Krueger, Microsoft MVP - Windows Installer, www.InstallSite.org
    Monday, December 29, 2008 2:22 PM
  • Stefan, thank you for your explanation. I understand this will work.

    But I thought about a different thing. Can you imagine my mom has her own Live account and myself needed to travel six hundred miles to sit at her desktop and install and make it all working by myself. Not that I'm unhappy to visit my mom by any occasion. Just dreamed of her sharing her desktop with the ease she could share a mesh folder. 

    Now imagine I have a daughter in a distant location, too (which it true). Yeah, I have a lot of remote relatives of mine; all of them occasionally need my help because I'm the only IT pro in our family :) . My daughter has her own family but she is unfortunate; she hasn't got any IT pro's on her husband side. Well, I can see myself on the pnone telling to my daughter she need to click the plus icon and confirm everything it asked untill the software is installed. But I CAN'T see myself telling my daughter my Live password so she could enter the mesh on my behalf and add the device. No way! Hope you understand. :)

    Monday, December 29, 2008 9:25 PM
  • Yes, that is currently a limitation of Live Mesh and the remote connection capabilities. In order for you to add the remote PC to your mesh, you do need to install the client and log in with your LiveID credentials. As far as I know, installing with different credentials and then inviting those credentials to a folder in your mesh does not provide you access to their PC remotely.
    I suppose an alternative is to set up a LiveID specifically for Live Mesh and use those credentials to configure Live Mesh on each of the remote PCs. You can then sign out and sign back into Live Mesh on your PC with those Live Credentials specifically for support purposes, while maintaining an automatic login to Live Mesh on your PCs and devices with different credentials. You'd want to have Live Mesh start on the remote PCs with automatic login to  the shared credentials or be able to instruct the remote users how to log out of their Live Mesh and into the shared "support" Mesh.
    Microsoft MVP Windows Live / Windows Live OneCare Forum Moderator
    Tuesday, December 30, 2008 7:05 PM