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  • Somewhat frustrated and looking for resolution of the following:

    a) I bought Streets 2013 from the MS Store in the US, while in Mexico. The store processed my credit card but denied the download - I could never get the refund (ticket: SRX1192493499ID)

    b) The 2013 trial expired, so I removed the installed application - Now 2011 started to act. I removed and reinstalled it, still acting as it wants to run as administrator and --- asked for a Key, which, of course, I cannot find!

    c) 2011 has no clue about Skydrive now (it seemed to work with it before). When I click on a Skydrive map, it fails to open, compalining about registry issues

    The short and long is that I lost $35 to microsoft, got a trial version of 2011 (another $35 lost). An basically a bunch of maps that are now useless. Windows 8, i7, 8 gig memory.

    I am looking for Microsoft to figure out it it can send me a proper key for 2013, which I paid!

    BTW, I spend countless hours dealing by phone with the store. They are clueless. An unfortunate outsourcing for Microsoft. Amazon would have been a better choice.

    Wednesday, July 31, 2013 4:53 PM