Configure Dialogic Gateway (SIPControl 1.6) for Incoming Calls RRS feed

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  • So my problem is, that the incoming did not forwarded to the user.
    Example: user "test" is online and has in the AD the number tel:+49221333.
    To phone out with the Communicator is no problem. But if i call the number of the user nothing happens. It rings one time and that is all. So where did ich have to configure the normalisation rules in the SIPControl 1.6.
    I have to change the incoming number 0221333 into +49221333. Can anybody help me?
    Thursday, August 14, 2008 10:18 AM

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  • Typically this would be part of the Inbound TDM routing on the gateway. On my Dialogic there is a "Dial-Plan" option in the configuration. clicking this them displays a number of tabs, one of which is "Inbound TDM Routing". In default setup there will only be one entry here. Each entry has a "CPID Manipulation" entry associated with it - this manipulation rule is responsible for converting inbound numbers as you have requested. The list of CPID Manipulation rules can be found on the "CPID Manipulation" tab. Here you define each manipulation rule - either changing the calling party or the called party.


    In your case it looks like you are trying to change the Called Party. So you could create a rule which has the following in the Called Party Change Rule field:  repl(D,"0","+49"). Then create a Inbound TDM routing rule which matches your original called number  and select the CPID manipulation rule you have just created. Now, anytime that number is called, the rule will fire and modify it replacing the leading 0 with +49 before passing on to OCS.


    FYI this is the reference table for the change rule syntax....


    S Source (Calling) Number   lext(str1, n) extract n characters from left of str1
    D Destination (Called) Number   rext(str1, n) extract n characters from right of str1
    R Redirection Number   lrem(str1, n) remove n characters from left of str1
    I IP Address   rrem(str1, n) remove n characters from right of str1
    + concatenate   mext(str1, pos, n) extract n characters from str1 starting at position pos
    "str" literal string   repl(str1, strOld, strNew) replace first occurence of strOld with strNew in str1




    Monday, August 18, 2008 12:41 PM