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  • I am having major issues with getting windows setup on my new hard drive:

    System Setup:

    Abit IP35 mother board

    Q6600 Quad core processor

    4 gigs 800mhz Ram

    ATI X1900 graphics card

    Hitachi SATA 320gig Hard Drive

    DVD Drive

    When I boot from the CD ROM to install windows (XP Professional Edition SP2) windows reports the drive to be 131 gig, whereas my bios reports the drive as being 320 gig. How do I fix this as I lose more than half of my capacity in the format stage of the install.

    When windows is installed (inc SP2) windows update installs a new driver for my graphics card, but when the system reboots it will not go into windows. It seems to reject the driver for the graphics card from all sources (ATI, CDROM, ATI website, and windows update.

    If I reboot using the last best configuration option windows loads normally, which is really frustrating.

    Does anyone know how to fix these issues?
    Wednesday, September 17, 2008 9:58 AM

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  • Sometimes it is simply a jumper on the disk, which is blocking more size for compatibility. (There is a 128 GByte border in some bioses.) Remove that jumper and maybe the issue is fixed (check the documentation of the disk).
    If this is not the case, install XP, and after that get the latest controller drivers. This should give you access to the remaining space, which you could use for creating a second partition via disk management console.
    Get also the latest Bios version for your mainboard. Since 4 GByte is not supported in 32 Bit systems improper handling of the memory area for the video card bios can be a reason for the graphic drivers failing. Maybe remove a memory module temporary to validate.
    Best greetings from Germany
    Wednesday, September 17, 2008 1:42 PM