Is Microsoft Committed to the Cloud and Mobile? RRS feed

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  • In the CRM4 days we chose to go with the on-premise solution because it allowed for more flexibility. Luckily, MS actually made some effort in that area and we have been inclined moving to the online version. However, MS puts some really big roadblocks in the way:

    1) We still have a software assurance license that lasts for some time. MS does not allow you to apply the remaining value towards the monthly cost when moving to the online version. Instead, you basically end up paying double!!

    2) There seems to be no tool or support to move the data from on-premise to online. Seriously?? Seriously!!!

    So much for on the cloud. As for mobile, the MS mobile client is really limited. I understand that there are many people working at a desk using CRM. We have that too. However, there are also many people on the road, after all it's a CRM!! A much higher emphasize should be put on mobile.

    The new CEO Satya Nadella is coming from the Office 365 team. He supposedly puts all the emphasize on cloud first, mobile first. Certainly this can be seen with Office but there is much to be done for CRM. I am not sure if CRM did fall under his responsibility (maybe not) but I certainly hope he lives up to his preaching and gives us a


    End of rant.

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014 3:50 AM