Wireless Desktop 1000 in Mac OS X 10.6: Mouse scroll wheel not working... RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have just bought a Wireless Desktop 1000. I use a MacBook Pro with this desktop set, what happens is pretty weird, when I just got the mouse, the scroll wheel would scroll just fine, scrolling many lines of text at a time. After a while, like a few hours, it would then only scroll one or two lines at a time. I have to reset the mouse battery to get it to work normally again, even rebooting my Mac won't help fix this problem.

    After a few times I went to exchange a new mouse thinking it's the Mouse's problem. However with the new mouse this still happens... I still have to take out then insert the battery to get the scrolling to work right after using the mouse for a few hours... Anyone have tips? Do you think it's my receiver? Thanks!

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