How to get around no indexes on custom entities in CRM Online 2013 RRS feed

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  • I am investigating using xRM Online 2013 for an application that will need hundreds of custom entities. Some are setup/look-up information, which is not a concern. But some are transactional tables with millions of rows (e.g. Payroll records). The inability to create indexes for xRM Online entities greatly concerns me. Searching for the transactions for a Contact within a date range may not be too bad, but searching for all the transactions within a date range (including look-ups to Contact data and many other entities) could be deadly slow.

    The idea came up of storing the transaction data in a separate database (SQL Azure?), but then I'd need to be able to create queries within xRM that would be able to join to that external data. For example, a dashboard chart showing transaction counts per category, where the categories are in xRM and the transactions are in the external database.

    Is anyone actually doing this kind of thing? If so, how is it architected?


    Wednesday, December 18, 2013 4:35 PM